Company's Leadership

Greetings From The Chairman’s Desk

Dineshchandra R. Agrawal

Since its inception nearly five decades ago, DRAIPL has emerged as one of the leading technology driven Construction Company of India. Our proven operational and strategic skills in a variety of sectors within the infrastructure industry coupled with our ability to align with corporate governance and statutory compliances make us one of the most resilient infrastructure company playing our part in the country’s rise to becoming Incredible India.

Here, we are committed to further the cause of technology in our efforts to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering quality products through timely completion in safe working environment while also ensuring sustainability and environment protection. Our company believes in responsible growth and hence will continue to work hard for the betterment of society and to make sure that people of our country have better future and a better world to live in.

Along with an efficient workforce and state-of-the-art machinery, DRAIPL is equipped to capitalize on the emerging opportunities. Our pan India presence, track record of completing high end infrastructure projects in all core sector industries with high quality and within time, experience of executing large complex projects, experienced & talented management team and workforce are some of the factors that enable us to capitalize on the new market opportunities. Our strength also lies in the support and trust that our clients, banks and other business associates render in us.

With these thoughts and feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all our clients, bankers, JV partners, vendors, other business associates and employees for their constant support and extend a warm welcome to all interested in becoming a part of the DRAIPL family as we continue the dream run.

I also wish to express my appreciation to my colleagues on the Board for their thought leadership, dedication and commitment. With such experienced and committed team leading the Company, and interested stake holders, I am very confident that the future outlook of the company is very bright.

Best Wishes,
Dineshchandra Agrawal
Chairman and Managing Director

Warm Wishes From The Executive Director

Jagdishchandra R. Agrawal

India’s Construction Industry plays a pivotal role in the national economic growth. It has witnessed rapid growth over the last few years, clearly indicating the benefit of securing the ‘industry’ status. The construction sector is strongly linked to overall growth and development of the national economy with investments accounting for nearly 10% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At DRAIPL, we recognize this and take our job seriously in our efforts to provide the country and its people with the best infrastructure facilities possible.

Our foundation is solid, built on integrity, quality workmanship, respect for long-term client relationships and a history of professional management and innovation. Safety on and off the work site is one of our key criteria for success.

Our commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence is shared by all our employees. We recognize teamwork and initiatives and we prioritize retaining and promoting the best people in our organization. Our staff is well equipped with and well trained for the next generation machines that are being inducted in the daily construction practices.

We have responded to the ever changing demands of the construction industry in spectacular fashion and we shall continue to do so. We look forward to continuous growth and success in the coming future..

Warm Regards,
Jagdishchandra Agrawal
Executive Director

Board of Director

Ankit Agrawal

Mr. Ankit Agrawal is Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur and one of the Board of Directors in DRAIPL. He holds degree in Masters in Accounting & Finance from Kingston University, London. He is associated with company since 2011.

He is actively participating in execution of various Infrastructure Projects. He has been closely monitoring and planning projects in the company.

His success lies in his commitment to taking a ‘hands-on’ management approach. This allows him to not only guarantee that the highest standard of workmanship is delivered for each project, but also to ensure the best experience for each client through honest and efficient communication and project adaptability.