Our Team & Responsibilities

Our Team

As Onuoha rightly said, ‘Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.’ At DRAIPL, we encourage our team to be many hands and one mind. With an experienced and skilled team of engineers, construction foreman, accountants and other human resource, the company is a big family of brilliant individuals who work hard daily to provide their services to the company and the society at-large.

Quality Responsibility

We commit to provide quality services in a timely fashion, making it a point to abide by all regulations and norms. We work hard to enhance our services with the help of trained and motivated personnel/p>

Environmental Responsibility

We pledge to protect the environment by minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting healthy strategies to mitigate harm to the environment. We constantly endeavour to promote environmentally efficient technologies.

Health and Safety Policy

We commit to provide proper safety measures for our personnel and abide by all regulations, keeping in context our strict ‘No-Accident’ policies.